ADLAB // McCann was established 10 years ago as a solely Zambian owned private Advertising Agency. We believe that our strength as a team lies in the hearts of our creative staff who live and breathe our brands.

We showcase fresh, creative ideas that speak to the heart of the consumers and uplift the brands that we represent. We build brands through creating strong relationships and long term PARTNERSHIPS with our clients.


A hundred and three years ago, H. K. McCann set out to build something. He started with a point of view, a creative department and one client, a start-up, called Standard Oil. They did a good job building that brand. And they built another one called General Motors. And one called Coca-Cola. And Microsoft.

In fact, if you look at the one hundred most lasting brands of the last century, more of them were crafted at McCann than at any other agency.

Why? Because we build to last.

We don’t build fads or gimmicks or trophy shelves. We build brands. We give them meaning, we give them relevance, and we give them a purpose in the world that has value. We give them a long-term vision and a voice worth listening to.

We take a truth and we tell it well.

At the heart of every idea is a truth. Not a fact. Not a stat. A human truth, which is timeless and enduring. A truth that gives meaning to a brand and how it connects to its customers. A truth that spawns timely tactics, campaigns, and stories. Forever flexible, always connected.

After all, we live in a disposable society, where products and marketing ideas can come and go with amazing speed.

But in this world of stunts, tactics, projects and buzz words, we believe building lasting brands with a lasting purpose is more important than it’s ever been.

We are McCann.


Being associated with these incredible agencies means that not only are we a proudly ZAMBIAN agency with excellent industry experience and a 9 year long track record of quality and service, we are now an agency with global alignment, access to resources both of human and technical nature, able to employ creative and design services to enhance our existing teams with immediate response. We also have access to volumes of industry research from other markets in order for us to have as many tools at our disposal to make the right decisions for our brands.


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BASF Chemicals has been a client of ADLAB // McCann over the last two years. Focusing primarily on the agricultural sector, we have created content that drives all sorts of environment and climate specific products used for bigger, healthier yields, weed control and pesticides across Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. These include brochures informing commercial and subsistence farmers of new products and calendars, as well as mailers and newsletters.



Sometimes clients come to you with ideas that are so revolutionary; they’re difficult to comprehend at first. MTN Telecommunication’s products and service offerings are so vast, creating exciting Social Media content that drove increase in fans and engagement, was a challenge we looked at straight in the eye.

Our team has been creating beautiful and clever social media content for MTN across all platforms and constantly refreshing the brand to engage the widest possible audience with clarity and personality.



MacSpeedys couriers came to Adlab with hopes of building their client database. What we created for them was a fun little mascot, to help deliver information online, quite like the brand itself, and get consumers to understand how their services work and any queries they may have. Videos of our character were so popular that eventually, they rolled out onto digital boards around the city.



Latitude 15 Hotel, part of the Latitude Hotel group, is one of our latest additions to the ADLAB // McCann family. For this luxury chain of hotels we’ve been creating on-brand and stunning work for the launch of The Works office space, The Other Side members club and for the Latitude 15 Hotel monthly promotions and packages.



GOTV, a long-standing client of ADLAB // McCann, tasked us with reactivating their brand. GOTV in Zambia and indeed across the region was under attack from newer pay TV channels and cheaper broadcasting options. They asked us to help re-energize their brand regionally. Our task was to increase retention and invigorate the work. What we did was redesign the brand and their offerings while focusing heavily on price and offerings.



From Logo design and branding, ADLAB // McCann has nurtured this quaint restaurant brand from inception and reinvented their look again in 2016. Opting for a Mediterranean authentic Italian feel, we wanted the brand to transition to a more intimate and rustic vibe as this stays true to their values. The copywriting style uses a smooth mix of Italian lingo and friendly tonality, and “Like Us, Love Us, Share Us” has become their new call to action on all social media platform.



Builder’s Warehouse monthly promotions across TVC and radio advertising. We create, copy write and record all of Builder’s Warehouse high quality radio ads in our very own recording studio.



These TV commercials are most definitely a feather in Adlab’s cap. Brief to us by Pepsi International in Dubai, ADLAB // McCann successfully developed the concept and supervised the production and post production of two 30 second spots, shot in South Africa. These ads have been aired with tremendous results in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Zambia